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The second annual Gaucho Dinner Extravaganza is being held Wed., Sept. 27th. If you weren't in attendance last year, you missed an incredible meal and great gathering. This year, Greg Klein's chef is preparing a new menu and we are his willing guinea pigs. The retail price tag would normally be $95 but in exchange for the focus-group testing on a group with such discerning palates, the cost is only $60 per person. And you can BYOB! 

The room holds a max of 32, so here's the plan... We start with a "boys only" premise and see what the response is. If we're not maxed out a week beforehand, we'll open it up to spouses/girlfriends on a FCFS basis.

You can see who has already RSVP'd below. Scroll down a little farther and fill out the RSVP form. After submitting the form, you'll see the link to pay. Please complete the form even if you can't make it. 

You won't want to miss this event - the amazing food, the energy of the Strip District, the great group of people...!