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Hello Team Captains / Managers. Thank you for volunteering (or getting volunteered!). Your acceptance of this important responsibility demonstrates that you truly have the character and intellect that is expected of NAHL-PGH members. (Wow, got those hip-boots on?).  

Seriously boys, now that you have the responsibility, you need the tools. You have been set up in League Athletics with the necessary permissions that allow you to monitor game attendance, send reminder emails and sub invitations. And some really clever webmaster already typed up some instructions to help you get started...

  • go to the nahlpgh.org home page
  • from the blue horizontal navigation bar, mouse over ??Help?? > Team Managers
  • you will find two help options; please take a minute to read each one

If you have any questions, please email nahlpgh@gmail.com. Thanks.

Your lovable commissioners,

Paul, Scott & Jack