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Please add agenda items to the following lists that need to be addressed by the Officers soley or the Committee at large. Put your initials at the end of any item you entered. Strike through items that have been addressed.


  1. Example of an item that has been completed (jf)
  2. Adding new members to LA and how to prevent duplicates (jf)
  3. The LA registration process (jf)
  4. How we're currently using Pre-Registration lists and why; is there a better way? (jf)
  5. "Registering" subs (jf)
  6. How to use Teams for things other than regular team rosters (jf)
  7. Claiming players with USA Hockey (jf)
  8. Subbing fees if we get to the point of charging. Can it be in registration? (ph)
  9. Removing old letter or number grades/ratings (ph)


  1. Pay to sub, how much and how many games? (ph)
  2. Subbing in playoffs. One letter grade below? Require 10 players? Other Playoff rules?  (ph)
  3. Jersey purchase  (ph)
  4. Bylaws  (ph)
  5. Equipment requirements  (ph)
  6. 50% attendance or less to Round 2? (12 player roster helps this)  (ph)
  7. Game Selling: 1/2 season or more only. OR, 30 days prior to season start.  (ph)
  8. Expansion? Benefits? Disadvantages?  (ph)
  9. Captain roles published somewhere? (subs, beverages, line setting)  (ph)
  10. Ref Don extra pay to include what extra duties? Pulling aggressive players aside. Pay refs who do games by themselves extra out of what we pay him?  (ph)
  11. Add Captain draft another time per year? Need bag draft to avoid "buddy drafting" which takes place at Capt draft. Gets guys to know each other better and reduce prospective animosity. (ph)