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a.k.a Emailing players to get subs from your PC or Mobile Device.  The LA Mobile App is the fastest for send requests to one or two sub groups.  And probably easier to manage.

From your PC

  1. log into the website at http://nahlpgh.org/ 
  2. Select "lookup" from the horizontal Menu Bar
  3. Mouse over "Report Type" and select "Send Email".
  4. In the column on the far right, select the League Season from the second box. (ie: NAHL-20).
  5. It is very important that you use the correct NAHL season before you move forward.
  6. DO NOT USE "Friends", "Board" or any of the list above the teams listed
  7. Below the current NAHL teams you will see the NAHL Sub groups (ie AA Skater, AA Goaltender).
  8. Select the skill and position group you need (ie: AA Skater or B Goaltender).  They will turn blue when selected.
  9. You can select multiply groups by holding the control key and left clicking you mouse on each skill and position group.
  10. Once all your groups have been slected, go to the bottom of the page and hit find members.
  11. This will open the email page.  Your name and email address should populate at the top.
  12. You can review the names of the players that are pre selected by the system.  You can remove anyone from the list you wish.  The player you are looking to replace will be one of those players unless you are trying to replace him with a lower skill level group.  After you have made your recipient changes, click submit at the top of the list and the edits will be saved.  Please leave the test player checked as we monitor sub requests for future sub program marketing needs.
  13. Enter your subject line.  Give game time, date and position needed helps
  14. Enter a short message. You can ask that everyone respond no matter if they can or can't make it.  This can help speed things up if you have to send a second or third email to lower skilled groups to get you numbers to 9 or 10 for the game.  So guys ask people to respond only if they can play.  It's your call.
  15. Hit send at the bottom and your done.