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All players are encouraged to set his game attendance as far in advance as you know your availability.  To do so...

  1. log into the LeagueAthletics website using your email address & password (don't know your password? - Click here)
  2. on the blue horizontal nav bar, mouse-over "Team" and select "Schedule"
  3. select the appropriate Season, Division & Team from the gray drop-down lists
  4. in the last column named "Actions" click on the "thumbs up" button next to the game for which you wish to set attendance
  5. a page similar to the one below will open; next to your name in the yellow "No Response" column will appear a green "thumbs up" button and a red "thumbs down" button; click the appropriate button and your name will move the corresponding column.
  6. press your browser's "Back" button to return to the Schedule page for your team; repeat the process above for every future game that you know your availability.

Note - if your status changes, please return to the game in question and you can switch from IN to OUT or vice-versa.
IMPORTANT! If you change from IN to OUT on game day, please call or email your captain / team manager!

Thank you. This will help your captains / team managers a great deal!