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  • 3/30/22: Seminoles win Stanley can and become Season 38 Champions with a 4-3 OT win over the Crow. Yurko scores GWG with :06 left in OT.

  • 2/23/22:  Aggressive stick play and running into the goaltender warning sent out to current NAHL players.  The refs have been notified to make more calls on aggressive stick play.  This includes downward chopping motions, as well as, excessive upward stick checks.  We realize that most of this is not intended, but it doesn't excuse the action.  If you feel certian players are constant offenders, with little to no repercussions, please send the league an email and we will look into it.


  • 2/22/22:  Leadership adds link to the member area that allows players to request a player rating review.  The rating committee does a great job of  getting us close to where players are, but without seeing players on a game by game basis it is impossible to get this 100% right.  If you feel a player is incorrectly rated, now is you chance to have a voice.  No guarantees that it will change anything.   We all see the game a little different, doesn't mean either is correct or wrong.


  • 2/20/22:   OFHL to implement new subbing system as trial for all leagues!  Starting with Season 5, The OFHL will be using player rating to secure subs that have the same or lower rating number than the  team member they are trying to replace.  This is being implemented as a trial to help improve the balance of play in league games.  We are also strongly urging captains to use the email system to secure subs so that more players have an opportunity to sub.