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Are you new to the organization or

just confused by all the registration activity? 

Then this page is for you!! 

It explains registration options for New Prospects, Goaltenders, League Specific Wait List, Single Season Sign Up and NAHL Veterans status change!


NEW Prospects:

The NAHL-Pgh is a private organization that operates three adult hockey leagues.  The NA stands from No Assholes!  Review the three items found under the "About the NAHL-PGH" menu to get the full understanding of what we expect.  If you can adhere to our philosophy, then proceed to the wait list page that can be found under the registration menu, where you can click the New Prospect Wait List to sign up.  From there, we will take over and begin the vetting process by finding out what our members know about you and your playing mentality.  If all goes well, we will add you to the sub list of the leagues that we feel you fit with regarding age and skill level. 

When team captains need a sub to fill in for an upcoming game (could be the day of the game) they will send out an email blast to a group of players that have similar skills to the player they are replacing.  The Captain then picks a sub from the players that respond to his invitation.  Just because you get an email, it doesn't mean you are playing in that game.  Captains will send you a response telling you that are "in" for that game.  You typically have to be quick to secure the spot, so when you see an email with the subject line "sub needed ....", you need to be quick to reply.  There is a $20 "Pay to Sub" fee for skaters (goaltenders sub for free!  See below) that is invoiced on a periodic basis.  In order to remain on a sub list you must or be considered for any open rostered spots, you must be current with your Pay to Sub fees.   

Once we have a positive game experience with a new prospect, we will then invite you to fill openings for upcoming seasons.  This is typically a single season playing opportunity.  We do occasional have full time openings, however, the league has adopted a policy of allowing it's "active veteran" players to pay a fee to retain their spot if they need to miss a season due to injury or for personal reasons.  When this happens, we reach out to non-active veterans and vetted new prospects to fill those spots for a "single season".  We have had players participate in our leagues for multiple years (8+ season) under the "single season" tag.  Players that are participating on the single season tag are placed at the top of the waitlist for any openings that come up when a player leaves the league.


We need you!!!!!  All skill levels welcome!!!!!  There is a separate registration process just for you.  That page can be found under the registration menu.  Goaltenders sub for free and once we have some game experience with you, we will invite you to participate on a team when spots open up.  The vetting process for goaltenders is less involved, you simply need to show up for games, give a day or two notice when you can't make a game, have fun and maintain your composure no matter how many goals your team has given up.

Registration Clarification:

Waitlist Page:

There are four registrations on this page.  One for New Prospects that have no playing experience with the organization and one for each of the three leagues.  The league wait lists are for inactive veterans and inactive vetted prospects.  These lists are a way of telling us that you would like to be considered for openings in the upcoming seasons for the prospective leagues.  We can no longer manage the number of verbal, text or email requests to be added to the waitlist.  Veteran players that have been inactive are not guaranteed a permanent spot when they return.  We have had veteran players participate for multiple seasons under the single season tag.  Our advice, if you get a full time spot, keep it!


Single Season Sign Up:

This registration is for a single season spot in one of the leagues.  It is an invitation for an opportuity to fill an opening for the upcoming season only.  All open spots are filled on a first come first serve basis, so if you do not respond quickly, you will probably not get in.  By participating in the single season program, you do jump up the list for openings in the following season, but we can not guarantee you a playing spot for more than the upcoming season.


NAHL Veteran Player Status Change:

This registration is for NAHL active veteran players.  An active veteran is someone that is currently playing or is using the buy-sell program.  This registration does not apply to Single Season players as outlined above.  Unlike the CVHL (Crafty Veterans Hockey League) and the OFHL (Old Farts Hockey League), the NAHL has adopted an automatic registration program for players with veteran status.  This means that these players do not have to register for the upcoming season if they are staying in the league and their LRBDP (Locker Room Beer Delivery Program) status is not changing.  This allows us to process payments for the upcoming season in a more efficient manner.  For those players that want to make a change for the upcoming season, they need to communicate their change request by submitting this form.  The possible changes are:

1. Opting out of the league and giving up your protected spot and becoming an "Inactive Veteran".

2. Utilizing the $50 Buy Sell program to sit out the upcoming season and protect your spot in the league for the following season.  At this point there is no limit to the number of seasons you can utilize the Buy-Sell Program, but that is subject to change.  If you are already using the Buy-Sell program for the current season, you still need to tell us what your playing status will be for the upcoming season.

3. Returning to play status from the Buy-Sell Program

4. Add or Drop the Locker Room Beer Delivery Program for the upcoming season.