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Ice Castle Adult League Hockey


Use the links below to submit your information to us for future participation in an Adult League at Ice Castle.

Free Agent Player Registration:

Indiviudals that are interested in being considered for open roster spots or subbing opportunities, can complete the registration by clicking the link below.  We will forward this information to the captains of the Adult LEague teams and they will reach out as needed to feel full season spots or to get subs for single game needs.


Team Registration:  

The Adult League program has 5 leagues for teams to participate in.  Use the link below to add a team to the waitlist for future seasons.  We can not guarantee that a team will get a spot, but we will reach out during the registration period with any opportunities.  A season lasts 3-4 months depending on the league. 


Free Agent Player Registration

Team Waitlist


If you have Questions

please contact us at