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Your favorite adult hockey league is rolling out a program to help facilitate member-to-member business networking. The list of "Who's Who" in the Pittsburgh business community that are members of the NAHL-PGH is quite impressive. And the rest of us who are on the "Who's That?" list work just as hard but may not be quite as well known. At least outside of Dar's bar! And it would be pretty cool if we had a mechanism in place that could help facilitate some business.

The reality is, some lousy left wing may have the perfect product or service that some mediocre defensemen needs and the two don't know what each other does! The NAHL-PGH Business Network can help to change that.

Many of our members have already sought out the opportuniy to do business with other members, both as buyers and sellers. Kudos to them! And though we've thought for a long time that it might make sense to try to connect members in this way, it's been one of those "nice to do" things that has just never made it to the front burner. Well, it's time to 

There are 3 levels to the program - the Connector, the Networker and the eMarketer...