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At the 48 hour mark prior to your game, your team will be sent a notification email asking them to check in or out.  We suggest you check the next day to see how many and who you have.  If you need subs, you can go to the sublist in LA to find what you need.  If you have 10 but want to sub for a missing higher skilled player, we suggest emailing the team for a vote, majority wins. 
As of April 1, 2022, we are using the Player Number rating to secure subs that are equal to or lower than the spot you are trying to fill.  Refer to the NAHL Subbing 101 page for instruction on getting subs.  When you find a sub player, click on the far right icon under "schedule" for that game and under No Response column, pick one of the "sub skater" or "sub goalie" players on your roster.  Click the green thumbs up icon and in the Notes window, type in the sub player's name and whose place he is taking, such as, "Dobis for Perryman".  Then click Save. 
DO NOT INCLUDE THE "FRIENDS" GROUP THAT IS LOCATED IN THE FURTHEST COLUMN TO THE RIGHT WHEN LOOKING FOR SUBS. Asking players via personal individual phone calls, texts or emails should occur ONLY after our system is used and ample time is given to respond. And, by the way, we see all emails recorded in a time stamped log. :)
Also, all team members receive another (though we are against this) notification 2 hours before the game asking them to check in or out.  We have advised all to ignore this and only contact your captain the day of the game if you change your status.
Here is how you view attendance:
It is not the most intuitive system so we built some online Help to assist first time captains and team managers. From the blue, horizontal navigation bar on our website at http://nahlpgh.org, you will find Help > Team Managers > View Game Attendance and Help > Team Managers > Emailing Subs. Let us know if you have any other questions. 
You can also set lines if you want, but mainly check attendance and get subs.  Try to enforce the sixty second shift rule, though it may be a challenge!

10+ skater floating suggestions.  In order to maximize icetime for all, if you have

11 skaters we suggest you float one guy (preferably who can play up and back) through first forward line in first period, second forward line in second period, and through the D in third. Or a few not as icetime friendly options is 1- to have 2 centers and 3 sets of wings (this option cuts the icetime for the wingers to 1/3 of the game vs 1/2). or 2- Float a forward through one half the game line 1, the other 1/2, line 2. Floater should only sit out shifts in one period, otherwise he loses alot more icetime. 

12 skaters, rotate the 7th forward through line 1 half of the game, then at mid second period, he moves through the 2nd line, but again, only takes his turn sitting in 1/2 of the game.  Same goes for the 5th defenseman as above. Or a not as icetime friendly option is to have 2 centers and 3 sets of wings (this option cuts the icetime for the wingers to 1/3 of the game vs 1/2).‚Äč

CAPTAIN VOTE: Captain sends email to team to vote on how to float the extra player(s) with captain casting deciding vote if necessary.

*Note that the floating player should ONLY miss shifts in one period in all options.

Lastly, guys have complained that non-drinkers at times drink the payers beer! Please remind the men to respect what others pay for.

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