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Any player reaching 18 minutes in penalties shall be suspended from the teams first playoff game and may not sub for another team for the rest of the season and one half (1/2) of the following season.  Reaching the 30 minute mark in any season shall result in a 6 game suspension to be carried over to the following season if necessary. If a suspension has not been fulfilled by the end of the regualr season to will carry over to playoff games and into the next season.  Players can not sub until their suspension has been fulfilled. Finally, the team of the suspended player is prohibted from obtaining a sub for that player for the game(s) being served unless the suspension is carried into the next season, in which case a sub may be secured.  The Committee will review any special circumstances that apply to suspension and subbing when a player is not participating in the following season.
Further, a player shall receive a two game suspension for receiving the 18TH penalty minute in any 2 of 3 consecutive seasons not including missing seasons. A player shall receive a three game suspension for receiving the 18TH penalty minute in any 3 of 4 consecutive season. Penalties exceeding this limit will be an automatic committee vote for permanent league expulsion.  A player who reaches any penalty limit MUST wait for the official notice sent via email before sitting out a game of his choosing.  The committee will decide on which game shall be the suspension game. No exceptions. (May 2019)

Running over and/or injuring a goalie. Game outcome and penalty policy:

If a goaltender is injured during the game, due to an opposing player running into the goaltender, and the goaltender leaves the game due to the injury, the following rule shall apply:
Instance #1: If the game is tied at the time the injured goaltender leaves the game, the games results in a tie.
Instance #2: If the team with the injured goaltender is losing at the time the injured goaltender leaves the game, the game ends in a tie.
Instance #3: If the team with the injured goaltender is winning at the time the goaltender leaves the game, the team with the injured goaltender wins.
The two teams may finish the game, after the injured goaltender leaves the game, but the official outcome is based on one of the instances described above.
Caveat: The board reserves the right to review game video to determine if additional penalty time should be given to the player who ran into the goaltender (or the player who caused the player to run the goalie) regardless if the goalie was injured or not.  Repeat offenders are subject to suspensions or expulsion from the league.
If either team needs to or desires to recruit a substitute player or players for a game during the regular season, the following rules and procedures shall be strictly utilized:
For the purpose of this rule, “player” shall be defined as a “skater”; either a forward or defenseman.
A substitute player’s letter rating shall be used regardless of whether the player is recruited as a defenseman or forward.
For regular season games a substitute goaltender shall be selected from the roster of the current teams, or from a goaltender who is from the goaltender “sub list”, and who is equal to or at least one letter rating lower than the goaltender being substituted for. You do not have to match the position of the missing player with your sub, just the skill level, except for goalies.  You CANNOT replace a C goalie with an A goalie since your A skater is missing, or vice versa. In the event an adequate level goalie is not secured, request permission from a committee member to ask a higher level netminder, beginning first with the letter grade immediately above the missing goaltender.
For regular season games a substitute goaltender request from a team captain shall be submitted, first, through the “league athletics e-mail tool” (which logs all player substitution requests). If a substitute goaltender request is needed, or a goaltender does not respond to the initial request prior to 24 hours before the game, the team captain may directly contact goaltenders, or the league, to secure a substitute goaltender, and the position shall be filled with the first goaltender who responds so long as the sub's skill level is equal to or less than, the goalie being replaced.  If the captain cannot get a replacement goalie who is equal to or less than the missing player, the captain will need committee approval to secure a higher level goalie.  
If a sub is secured who has a greater skill level than the missing player in ANY game without committee approval, the team violating this rule will forfeit their game and the captain will serve a one game suspension.