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1. Most wins
2. Head to head between tied teams
3. Goal differential in games between tied teams
4. Least losses
5. Least goals “against”
6. Most goals “for”


We all know playoffs can be intense. Please play hard but clean! Games ending in ties will be followed by a 5 minute OT, sudden death. If still tied, then a shootout ensues with 3 from each team. High goal total wins. If tied, then sudden death with each team selecting one skater per round. Unmatched goal wins.



Playoff Games: With the exception of the coveted Pan Game, substitute player shall be, at least (1) respective number rating lower than the number rating of the player he is replacing, however, the position being replaced does not have to be the same as the missing player. (so you are permitted to replace a Forward with a Defenseman)

AS OF FEBRUARY 8, 2021, THIS RULE HAS BEEN ABOLISHED. The maximum number of players that a team recruiting a substitute player or players can play with, is (10) players. For example, if a team has (12) players on the roster, and (8) players sign-in to attend, and (4) players sign-in to not attend, a maximum of (2) substitute players shall be recruited, for a total of (10) players.

A team shall decide whether they want to accept, or not accept, a player from the opposing team. An “under stocked” team shall not be forced to accept a player or players from an “over-stocked” team. Furthermore, a team shall not be required to have (10) players for a game. This is only a suggestion. For the purpose of this rule, “under-stocked” shall be defined as less than (10) players and “over-stocked” shall be defined as greater than (10) players.



For playoff games, captains shall e-mail the substitute goaltender request to the committee. The captain shall first attempt to secure a goalie whose number rating is less than the rostered goalie using NAHL email system only. If no luck after a reasonable time to have them respond, then captain can email through system only, the same number rating of the missing goalie. If no luck with same level, captain must go further down the skill levels until secured. After securing goalie, captain must email commitee for approval of said goalie.

Committee members playing in the playoff game(s) shall not be permitted to vote on the approval of a substitute goaltender. Committee members not playing in the playoff game(s) shall be permitted to assist in the search for a substitute goaltender, vote for approval of a substitute goaltender and inform the captain of the approved substitute goaltender. 


Scenario: Team A is up by 1 or 2 goals w/ less than 2 minutes remaining. Team B pulls their goalie and is mounting a spirited attack. With 40 seconds remaining, team A incurs a penalty - intentionally! Currently in the NAHL, the clock continues to run while the penalized player meanders to the sin bin and by the time the two teams line up for a face off, time has expired. GAME OVER!

Since we are subject to a running clock, the following rule change has been proposed...

In the scenario described above, 1) the clock stops at the time of the penalty and 2) thirty seconds are added to the clock. In practice, the refs will note the time of the penalty and reset the clock to that time + 30 seconds while the perpetrator gets comfy in the box and the zebras do their paperwork. And to clarify, this rule applies to any penalty incurred by the leading team during the final 2 minutes of play and the officials have no responsibility to ascertain the "intentionality" of the penalty.

This rule change is intended to make the consequences for taking any penalty during the last 2 minutes of a game severe enough to discourage all players from even remotely considering the "strategy" of taking an intentional penalty. We feel it is also consistent with the NAHL mission of promoting a fair and competitive game experience.

Have fun guys!