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Everyone can complete the registration form NOW.

The Link is at the bottom of the page. 

Spots are assigned by league playing status -

Current Vets and Buy Sell Sellers hold the rights to their spots through the protection period. 

Inactive Vets, Buy Sell Buyers and Current Probies have first shot at any openings. 

New Probies get a shot last. 

We utilize the time stamp to fill any vacancies at specific position and skill level.  

IMPORTANT! If you are a Current Veteran and NOT planning to play next season we still need you to complete the form.  You have two options.  Buy Sell Seller will hold your spot through the Season 32 registration protection period if you need to take he season off.  It costs $50 and then you are done with the exception of tuning in your jerseys and socks.  If you are not interested in the Buy Sell Program, please register as not playing so that we can keep you in the loop for upcoming seasons and sub opportunities.


Teams will be built this season via Random selection for Season 31!  If you would like to be a captain please make that request on the registration form.  All captains that fulfill all there duties will get a $30 discount on registration for Season 33.  (we have to skip a season because your duties are not complete until you return the captains bag with the required uniforms at the end of the season, which always falls after the payment period expires.


Registration Timeline

  • Protection Period: Opens November 20, 2019 exclusively for Current Veterans an Buy Sell Sellers!
  • Group 1 Period: Opens December 1, 2019, for InactiveVets, Buy Sell Buyers & Probies if there are openings.
  • Group 2 PeriodOpens December 4, 2019  if slots are still available, based on invitation and need for position and skill level For all Newbies


Details for Next Season... 

  • Skaters = $290 / Goalies = $145
  • Season starts January, 2 2020 and ends March 11, 2020.
  • 8 teams of incredibly talented NA players!
  • 14 regular season games
  • Team Assignment by Randon Selection
  • All teams guaranteed 1 enthralling post-season game - Top 6 teams get al least one playoff game and a chance to compete for the Stanley Can (bottom 2 regular season finishing teams compete for the Stanley Pan!)
  • Rosters consist of 12 skaters & 1 goaltender
  • BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! The Locker Room Beer Delivery Program is now in full swing! You will have the option to participate in the LRBDP when you register. As a paid member, you may partake in the bucket of ice cold Canadian beverages that will magically appear in your locker room after each game. The current fee is $30 and that buys 15 beers/game for 15 games. And you never have to be subjected to the endless ridicule when you forget your "beer night"!
  • Game times between 9:00 and 10:30 PM.
  • Some late games could be switched to Outdoors at South Park if we can get favorible times and days
  • One-time initiation fee of $75 the first time you register as a New Full Member of the NAHL-PGH after your probationary seasons have been played successfully and the Committee approves you for the invite.

  If your invitation came in an email that has an NAHL-PGH logo at the bottom, you already have a LeagueAthletics account. Enter the address the invitation email came to and press the "?" or "Forgot Password?" link. LA will email you a link to set/reset your password. Once completed, return to the registration process and pick up where you left off and continue to follow the step-by-step instructions.  


Do You Know What You're Signing Up For?

Please read the NAHL-PGH Mission Statement, Philosophy and Background & Vision pages on the league website before you continue. You must acknowledge that you've read and understand these tenets before you can complete the registration process, so please familiarize yourself with them before you continue. Click here to open the "About the NAHL-PGH" section of the league website in a new browser tab so you can easily return back to this point when you are finished reading.



If you have any questions, please contact Paul, Scott or Jack or email  . Thanks!

Click the Link Below to Register for Rostered Positions...

REMEMBER - You must be eligible to register per the Registration Calendar above. The system will not let you jump the gun. If for some reason we didn't program the system correctly and you register earlier than you should, your registration will be invalidated. It is your responsibility to know that you are eligible to register at the time you register!

IMPORTANT! - You can only register for the one position into which you have been pre-registered.