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Duel in the Desert


Click here if you are interested in a position on the waitlist

Instead of Pond Hockey in -20 degree Wisconsin, let's play hockey in 72 degree Scottsdale, AZ in February! Here are the details...

  • Weekend of Feb. 26-27-28, 2016
  • 10 skaters and one goaltender
  • 3 games - Friday 1:30pm, Saturday 6:20pm and Sunday late 10:50am
  • We'll be playing against a gang of miscreants that I've met over the past five years. Many are Canadian and ALL are great guys and exceptional beer drinkers!
  • Ice time will cost about $100/man and will include a budget for beer & food after Friday's game
  • Flights on Southwest (bags fly free) are currently running about $430 roundtrip (see below)
  • Lodging will be in a private home with ALL the amenities; cost detail and photos are coming soon
  • We have the home reserved for 4 nights starting Thursday, Feb. 25th through and including Sunday, Feb. 28th.
  • We will rent one HUGE van or two large vans; cost details are coming soon

Here is the current roster...

  1. Bauer, Michael
  2. Buck, Jeff
  3. Cefalo, Dean
  4. Danner, Paul
  5. Foltin, Christopher
  6. Franz, Jack
  7. Henney, Paul
  8. Lehman, Larry
  9. Renton, Jay
  10. Sheets, Scott
  11. Tom Teti (G)

Now anything can happen between now and next February, so if someone on the list above is unable to to make the trip for one of any of the crazy reasons that life throws at us, we may need to call on someone from the waitlist to jump in. 

Click here if you are interested in a position on the waitlist. For questions, email Jack directly at . Thanks! 


The preferred itinery is highlighted below. You will want to arrive on Thurs., Feb. 25th. There is a nonstop that departs PIT at 1:30pm and arrives PHX at 4:20pm. Sunday's game will be over at 12:05pm. Shower, grab a quick bite and we'll be on the road to the airport by 1:30pm to make the 3:40pm flight back to PIT. It's a 1-stop in Denver with a short layover.

The advantage of Southwest is that 2 bags fly free and they don't charge a change fee. 


We have a 5 bedroom home reserved for 4 nights starting Thursday, Feb. 25th through and including Sunday night, Feb. 28th. Check in time is 3pm on Thursday. Check out time is 10am on Monday.