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Bounceback Needed .. but how?
by posted 04/25/2022

May Debut tonight

Belize, Darbar (Wire/AP) ~  Biscayne has been beaten.  They are done. some naysayers may be uttering these words, But, it's more like they are done losing.  Biscayne dropped their first game of the year in a 4-2 loss to the previously undefeated, Badlands, yielding an empty netter in the final minute.  Badlands had been averaging 7.5 goals per game.  Biscayne was short their "Cappy" after a digital/scheduling mishap.  Cappy was there to see the final 5 minutes but it was quite evident, Biscayne needed that 1 or 2 more points to help them navigate the Badlands.  


Coach Dave R has assured that the Cappy schedule issue has been resolved.  Goalie Tips shared some "Tips" with Cappy on his phone showing the calendar feature.  Some would question if he could show Coach Dave R the same.  Exciting news in the lead up to the 6th game of the season, Chris Foltin plans to make his first appearance in a Biscayne Uniform tonight.   Foltin's next goal will be his 30th of his career.  He has been stuck on 29 for 4 straight seasons.


Shout out to John Sabol who is undefeated in the net for the Biznastys. 

He is expected to be in goal tonight at 8 pm

Tonight's theme is dress down night.  Rich Gilardi is a healthy scratch, so no need to worry about fashion or trends tonight.


Fun fact, Biscayne is 3-0-0 in games where their locker room has a shower with towel hooks.  No word yet on tonight's locker room assignments.

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