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HO Chunk Alive and Well!
by posted 01/13/2022

Welcome to Ho Chunk Nation.

(Black River Falls, WI  AP/UPI)   A new era has begun in for the Ho Chunga people.  Chieftan Christopher Foltin Announced in December of 2021, that a western PA social club guised as an adult hockey league, will honor the "People with the big voice" nation by using the HO CHUNK name and likelihood in their upcoming season. 

The Ho-Chunk Nation is comprised of twelve clans, or family groups, in two distinct moieties — Those-who-are above (Thunder, Warrior, Eagle and Pigeon), and Those-who-are-on-earth (Bear, Buffalo, Deer, Wolf, Elk, Fish, Water Spirit, and Snake) — each with distinct responsibilities such as judicial matters, health and safety, and civic governance.  The complex kinship of the Ho-Chunk Nation is illuminated by the over ninety terms of address for male kinship in Hocąk.  With political correctness running amok throughout our current culture.  We reached out to the WI based elders to get consent.  Their only request was to name each member of the NAHL Ho Chunk team.  They Are Listed Below.

28 - Chris Foltin   -    Soft Belly Fish

30 - Frank Cekus  -   Tone Deaf Water Spirit

96 - Paul Danner  -  Scanner Pigeon

66 - Sean Engel   -  Deer with Head down

70 - Jeff Henk  -  Elk in Red

17 - Todd Long  -  Thunder boards when miss net

37 - Glenn McPeek  -  Fish and Chips

57 - Brett Murawski - Wounded Wolf

20 - Jerel Patch - Follicle Warrior 

55 - Robert Rodgers - Snake bitten

19 - Doug Schliebner - Too Many Water Spirit

67 - Jeff Stipetic - Bear Essential

81 - Chris Torcaso -  Buffalo Wing

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Christopher Foltin 
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